The younger brother of Bub.
Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Male
Race human(transformed into a bubble dragon)
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Bob(Bobblun), is a Bubble Dragon and a younger brother of Bub. He is blue with yellow cheeks, red hands and feet with 3 claws on each fin. He also has yellow horns on his back.


As a human he is decipted as short chubby kid, but in Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure, he is decipted as a tall skinny kid. He wears a light blue shirt and dark blue overalls. As a bubble dragon, he is blue with pink or purple claws and dark blue spines down his back. He first appeared in Bubble Bobble as a bubble dragon, where he and Bub has to go to the Cave of Monsters to save thier girlfriends. He appeared in Rainbow Islands as a human where he and Bub get off of the islands before they sink.




  • Unlike Bub who blows green bubbles, Bob blows blue bubbles

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