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Bub is his dragon form.

Bub(バブルボブル, Baburu) is the older brother of Bob. He is a green bubble dragon with yellow spikes along the back of his body and pink arms and feet. Each hand and foot has 3 claws. He, along with Bob, have the power to fire bubbles to encase their enemies inside the bubbles, and then finishing them off by bursting them and sending the enemy off screen. Bub like his brother Bob, are turned into Bubble Dragons for most of the games and in each game they must find different methods to return to their human forms. Bub's human form (sometimes referred to as Bubby) looks like a rather chubby and stout kid though was depicted as a skinnier taller kid in Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! He wears a light green shirt with dark green overalls. Bub in his human form generally uses rainbows to climb upward through the level but also as means to defeat enemies, though he and Bob used parasols in Parasol Stars to whack then juggle their enemies and pop different bubbles and juggle multiple bubbles to power them as one stronger bubble. While fighting bosses like Super Drunk Bub and Bob can pick up potions that allow them to shoot electrical bubbles (or in Bubble Bobble Plus's case, Water Potions, and Fire Potions) to defeat Super Drunk, or other bosses.

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