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Marino of is planet wavy
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Marino is a character first appearing in Bust-A-Move 4. He is the son of Queen Naleto and prince of the planet Wavy.


Marino is a young (appearing to be about 10) merman boy. He has blue eyes, light skin and blue fin-like ears. He wears no clothing on his upper half, being bare-chested, and his hair is turquoise and appears to have a texture resembling ocean waves or water. Instead of legs, he has a blue fish-like tail from the waist down with a cetacean-like fluke, and he wields a golden trident as a weapon.


The North American Dreamcast booklet describes him as this:

"He's the son of Queen Naleto of the planet Wavy. He's a straight forward character, but a bit of a simpleton. He embarks on a journey to find the "morning", because the Kingdom of the Sea was roughed up by the incident."


  • He is the only humanoid character to not technically wear any clothes (he has a tail, and he is shirtless).
  • His hair seems to resemble flowing water, or is actually made of water.
  • On land he appears to stand up on his tail, and in his victory pose he hops up and down.
  • Ironically when losing he seems to be drowning, despite being a merman.






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